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        The Philedelphia Orchestra is having a rehersal. During a coffee break, a man comes in and introduces himself to the orchestra manager. http://www.xue90.cn来自《幽默学英语》网
"Mr. McDonald," he says, "I'd like to audition for you. I happen to be a first-class player on every single instrument in the orchestra. Will you listen to me?"
McDonald says, "I'm sure you're all you say you are but I'm terribly sorry, there is no place open for you. matter of fact there is a long waiting list of musicians who want to get into this orchestra."
The man says, "At least listen!" He picks up a violin and whips into Paganini's Twenty-frouth Caprice. Some fo the musicians begin to nod- this fellow is good.
When he finishes, McDonald says, "Look, you're very good indeed, I dind't doubt it. But as I explained to you, there is no room for you in the orchestra."
"Will you give me a chance and just listen!" the man yells. He grabs a viola and goes through the cadenza of the Walton Concerto. The musicians applaud and some even say, "Bravo!"
"Why do you do this?" says McDonald. "You're wasting your time and mine. It's not a question of your talent, there simply is no room....."
"For God's sake, just wait a minute and listen!!" He leaps to a double-bass and goes into the rapid finale of Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony.
"PLEASE!!" McDonald shouts, "how many times do I have to say it? I don't care how well you play, it doesn't matter how well you play, I'm trying to tell you there simply is no place for you in the orchestra at all!!!"
The man, absolutely exhausted, says, "Well I'll be a dirty son-of-a-bitch."
McDonald says, "Hey, that's different. We can always use a conductor!!"

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