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      1: Find the right person. http://www.xue90.cn来自《幽默学英语》网

2: Fall in love.

3: Know enough about your future in-laws to know if you should ask permission from them first.

4: Know enough about your beloved so you can create a meaningful experience.

5: Decide if you are going to purchase the ring before or after you propose.

6: Stay within your budget or financial capability.

7: Pay attention to timing. Don't plan on proposing when he or she is stressed or overwhelmed.

8: Pick a memorable place, song, or occasion such as where you first met, or first kissed, etc.

9: Set a romantic tone.

10: Keep it fun.

11: Keep it simple.

12: If you are thinking of tying the ring to the end of a kite string or fishing line, be certain that your intended has a great sense of humor and that you know how to tie a good knot!

13: Don't lose the ring if you've purchased one.

What You Need:

1:A plan

2:A location

3:An engagement ring

4:Lot of Love

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