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A housewife took a lover during the day while her husband is at work. While this takes place she locks her 9 year old son in the bedroom closet.

One day her husband comes home while the lover is there so she locks her lover in the same closet with the boy. They stand in the gloom for awhile, then the boy says,

"Dark in here."

"Yes, it is."

"I have a baseball."

"That's nice."

"Wanna buy it?"


"My dad's out there."

"OK, I'll buy it. How much?"


"Gee. OK, I'll buy it."

A week later the man is over again. The boy is locked in the closet again. The father comes home again. The man is locked in the closet with the boy again. They stand in the gloom until the boy says:

"Dark in Here."

"Yes, it is."

"I have a baseball glove"

"That's nice.

"Wanna buy it?"

Remembering the previous week, the man says, "Sure, how much?"


"$75.00 ??"

"My dad is out there"

"Fine. $75.00 it is then"

The following weekend the father says to the boy, "Son, go get your ball and glove and let's play some catch."

"I can't, Dad. I sold them."

"Really? For how much?"


"Son, you shouldn't rip your friends off (敲竹杠)like that. We didn't pay anywhere near that for those items. I'm taking you to the Priest and I want you to confess to him."

They go to the church to the confessional. The boy goes in and sits down. The little door opens so the Priest can hear his confession.

"What is your sin, my son?"

"Dark in here."

"Don't start that nonsense again."

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