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       The Maid Of Orleans http://www.xue90.cn来自《幽默学英语》网

About six hundred years ago there broke out great war between France and England.
The English army invaded France and won a great many battles, and the French army was driven back again and again. The French soldiers were so discouraged that they were almost ready to give up.
At that time there lived a poor peasant girl named Joan of Arc.
One day while she was in the field watching her sheep, she heard voices speaking to her. They told her that she must go to the French army and lead it against the English. She believed that the voices came from Heaven and she fell on her knees and prayed.
The next day she left her home and went to the Commander of the French army and told him the story of the voices. The Commander listened to her and believed her. He gave her a beautiful white horse and suit of white armor.
When the soldiers saw her and heard her story, they followed her gladly to relieve the city of Orleans, which had been besieged by the English for some months and was on the point of surrender. But the French army fought so bravely that the English were beaten back.
Since that time Joan was called the Maid of Orleans. Not long afterward Joan was taken prisoner by the English and burned at Rouen. She lived and died bravely, and all the world honors her.

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